Akram Khan’s first major US touring work in 2003, “Kaash” which in Hindi means “what if”, explores Shiva’s cosmic violence, his meditative nature and the eternal cycle of creation and destruction which he initiates. Score by Nitin Sawhney and set by the sculptor Anish Kapoor.

Full length dance work for 5 dancers. 

Touring company of 13

Previous day set up

“..(Kaash is) epic, deeply focused and grandly beautiful…” – Ismene Brown, The Daily Telegraph

Turner Prize winning sculptor Anish Kapoor (with lighting designer Aideen Malone) produced a fascinating set, a hypnotic colour field that seemed to exert a physical pull on the audience, drawing us inexorably into the depths of space. Nitin Sawhney’s pounding, driving, rhythmic score was equally powerful, punching you in the solar plexus and making your bones vibrate.” The Evening Standard

It is like watching the aftermath of the Big Bang, with Khan’s choreography as the fallout.”, The Guardian

Khan’s barefoot choreography, for himself and four other dancers, bursts out of the starting gate faster than a bullet, arms powering the dancers’ bodies like competitive swimmers heading for the finish line. The choreography strives for perfection and rigour, building its absolutes with regimental precision.” The Times of London

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