South China Morning Post
20 November 2011 by Natasha Rogai
“powerful show which speaks to people of all ages and cultures”
Review in pdf

The Independent
10 October 2011 by Zoe Anderson
“His dancing is mercurial, his characters superbly realised.” (5*)

The Independent
9 October 2011 by Jenny Gilbert
“an enthralling journey to a young, imperilled land.”

The New York Times
7 October 2011 by Roslyn Sulcas
“the best pieces that Mr. Khan has created.”

Daily Express
7 October 2011 by Neil Norman
“vivid, humane and amazingly accessible exploration” Verdict: 4/5

Financial Times
6 October 2011 by Clement Crisp
“dramatic honesty” (4*)

Dance Magazine
6 October 2011 by Donald Hutera
“Epic yet tellingly personal”

The Arts Desk
6 October 2011 by Ismene Brown
“Now when [Khan] dances, he doesn’t just tell his own story – he tells all our stories.”

Evening Standard
5 October 2011 by Sarah Frater
“technically ingenious, theatrically unsettling and emotionally unbearable” (4*)

Daily Telegraph
5 October 2011 by Mark Monahan
“best show yet… utterly transfixing.” (5*)

The Stage UK
05 October 2011 by Neil Norman
“visually arresting and ultimately moving dance/drama that leaves you wanting more”

The Times, UK
20 September 2011 by Debra Crane
“mesmerising… the most extraordinary of collaborations” (****)

The Observer, UK
17 September 2011 by Luke Jennings
“A masterpiece, the choreographer’s greatest show yet”

Leicester Mercury
16 September 2011 by Louise Jenkins
“thought provoking masterpiece”

The Guardian, UK 
16 September 2011 by Judith Mackrell
“the most urgent, beautiful and confident work of his career” (*****)

The Public Reviews (Website)
15 September 2011 by Farhana Shaikh
“marvellous performance”

Personal Review after watching DESH Preview
13 September 2011 by Anonymous Audience
“I am not a bona fide critic, but…what Charlie Chaplin did for silent films in the 1920s, Akram Khan is doing for dance today. In an age of austerity, where our governments and corporations expect us to live in black and white, we get our fix of colour when we get to see wonderful creations like Desh. Best wishes…”

BBC News, 8 September 2011
9 September 2011 by Jeff Russell
“Akram is the king of contemporary dance, and if he played football, he would be Wayne Rooney.”

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