thelondonpaper, UK


“this meditation on love and obsession… is straightforward, honest and full of humour…The dancing is the star of the show; Khan is incredible, throwing himself against walls, the floor, and Binoche…displaying a confident physicality and looking as if she is having a ball…By the end (it) achieves exactly what they set out to do.”

whatsonstage, UK


“Catch the ever luminous La Binoche in this intriguing piece

an exploration, through words, music and dance, of love.”

Binoche’s strength is…in her constant habitation of the character from

vulnerable teenager to ferocious lover. Expression floods her whole form

and reaches out to us; something you just can’t train for.”

“With a vital wall Anish Kapoor makes a deceptively simple set that is

stunningly lit by Michael Hulls, and Philip Shepphard’s fusion soundtrack is

excellent; ebbing and flowing but never intrusive, shadowing the

dancing tides of submission, dominance, violence and affection.”

Evening Standard, UK


“you can almost hear the sensual static as the pair loop and curve,

like two magnets, resisting each other then snapping tight.”

The Stage, UK


”It’s clear from the onset that Binoche moves well…her disregard for

polish is endearing, and her overall performance, charming.”

Times Online, UK


Binoche…more than holds her own alongside the muscular, contained

whirlwind that Khan becomes when in motion. Spinning, striding and swiping at

her partner or the air, she invests herself in the moment with an emotional daring

many trained dancers lack.”

Financial Times, UK


“There is no better conveyer of emotional fragitility, and to see (Binoche) next to

Khan’s effortless command of his moves introduced a new, possibly unintended, dynamic into the relationship.”

Khan’s excellence as a dancer was highlighted by a striking solo in which he

twirled and spun on the spot with such velocity that he recalled the blurred,

tortured figure of a Francis Bacon painting.”

Sunday Times, UK


Binoche’s physical achievement is incredible: Khan is a master mover,

but she keeps pace. She matches her steps to his bullish pace, playfully

disrupting his determined patterns.”

“The stunning design, by the aritist Anish Kapoor and the lighting maven

Michael Hulls, creates a high, moving wall, drenched in colour:

intense saffron and violet, twilight mauve, bruised rose.”

“It’s marvellous to observe (Binoche’s) impulsive appetite here, to catch the

triumph in her secret smile…For Khan too, the piece marks a leap…

The show scuds on their joint magnetism, her tomboy energy squaring up

to his trim, masculine precisionthe duo’s dedication is palpable.”

Il Messaggero, Rome


“…(Khan) offered a varied and firm compositionintense, pregnant with associations…blending text with visual art, which together build up the full score.”

(Binoche) dances as a human being who found in itself the eternal dancing ‘self’,

the one which in the Indian tradition, through Shiva, generated the world…”

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