At the moment when the ensemble of splendid dancers in this world premiere are transformed into not one but six faun-like creatures, seated diagonally on stage in that iconic pose,  faces inclined to that imagined apocryphal afternoon summer sky, it became clear that choreographer David Bolger had brought it off. Yes, a bow to the master Nijinsky’s L’Apres-midi d’un Faune, but brilliantly very much his own work.  The Irish Times January 19, 2010

Nijinsky was worshipped as the greatest dancer of the twentieth century, but audiences rioted when they saw Nijinski’s first ballet, L’Apres midi d’un Faune, shocked by the shameless sensuality and revolutionary dance style. Mixing Debussy’s famous score with Queen, David Bolger explores how dance still reconnects us with our feelings and imagination and asks can we still break free?

“This faun is sensual, art deco-like, erotic and quite possibly the most beautiful contemporary dance you’ll see all year” – METRO

“…bone-shakingly sexy …playful, …such a sensuous and beautiful experience to watch… a post punk piece…terrific” RTE The View

“…fluid…fierce,…exquisite…superb” – The Irish Times

Show contains some nudity.  Recommended age 14+

WEBSITE:  CoisCéim Dance Theatre

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