The Merry Wives of Windsor

* * * * *
‘Christopher Luscombe’s production brims with humanity, ingenuity and irresistible charm.’
Sunday Telegraph

* * * *
‘A wonderfully warm comedy, stuffed to bursting with belly laughs.’

The Times

‘Christopher Luscombe directs a sunny, funny and palpably affectionate production, cleverly designed by Janet Bird… the feel-good hit of the summer.
Daily Telegraph

* * * *

‘Good Queen Bess herself would surely have beamed at this delightful take on that royal command script, quite the best and freshest work I’ve seen at the Globe.’

Evening Standard

* * * *
‘The Globe has a hit on its hands… ’A very enjoyable, teasing night out.’


Imagining that Mistress Ford and Mistress Page have each fallen for him, the fat knight Sir John Falstaff decides to seduce them both, as much for their husbands’ money as for their personal charms. Wise to the old rogue’s tricks, the women turn the tables on him with a series of humiliating assignations and a very damp, extremely smelly laundry basket.

US Performances:

The Broad Stage

Santa Monica College

October 15 – 24, 2010

Michael Schimmel Center

Pace University

New York City

October 28 – November 7, 2010

Artist Website:  Shakespeare’s Globe

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